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Pull Up a Chair

elliptical trainer (photo: Vitabc)

I joined a gym a couple of months ago… a Planet Fitness, because they’re pretty inexpensive and because I want to get rid of this extra fat around my belly. It’s not a huge amount, but it’s there and I can feel it and I am not as flexible as I once was.

So far, I have found it pretty difficult to build up enough stamina on the elliptical… so, I use it for a few tenths of a mile and then I switch to the treadmill. For some reason, the elliptical does not give me my heart rate, but the treadmill does. On the treadmill, I can get in about a mile and a half in about 30 minutes, though I would like to do it faster than that. Sometimes, I use the incline, too.

Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time being anemic awhile back and that took a toll on my stamina. So… I’m working to get it back. On the treadmill, I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth for a longer period of time and that keeps my heart rate at a pretty low level. Of course, I am old enough that I really don’t want to over-work it.

Last week, I tried the stationary bike and traveled about 7 miles on that, but I did not burn very many calories… the elliptical seems to be the key to firming up around the core and burning more calories.

In the meantime, I quit using the elevator on my walk to work and started taking two flights of stairs in one building. However, when I get to my building, I use the elevator, since my office is on the 7th floor, but during the day, I walk up and down a few flights of stairs, in order to get some definition in my calves. One of my friends at work, said that her legs look the way they do, because she uses the elliptical. She’s also using a Shake Weight on her arms. I bought one of those, too, but have not used it enough to get really firm arms yet.

And I’m finding it difficult to give up extra calories, especially early in the day when I am the hungriest. Later on, I don’t need as many calories, but for breakfast and lunch I am usually famished! Perhaps I should eat some eggs in the morning. They might hold me until lunch time. I should probably start eating more salads, but I really prefer my vegetables cooked.

How do the rest of you manage to get rid of extra fat? Or, do you have some other goal for self-improvement? We could check in here in the threads each week with each other and see how we are all doing…

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