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This is a crosspost from Daily Kos.

A few days ago, some of you may remember that I linked to a story about a school district which has been imposing prayer on students and people attending school ceremonies in direct violation of established law. (Please note that this is a link to the original post which has been much updated from the original, including the names of the family involved even the name of their minor child. I repost the link now with permission from the parents.)  What I didn’t make clear until a day later at least is that the principals involved are dear friends of mine and I’ve been watching their struggles with a district which has deliberately and systematically tried to impose their belief structure on the entire community, regardless of individual desires. Since that first hearing when they won an injunction against prayer, things have turned around but I’ll let me friend tell you:

My son will not be attending his high school graduation today. Yesterday, the 5th Circuit ruled that open prayer, to include asking the audience to stand and pray with school district officials, is A-OK in American public schools now.
Having been forced to participate in countless religious activities at school events for 4 years, and having failed for 3 years to garner the help of district officials in crafting an inclusive ceremony respectful to ALL students and attendees,  my son filed suit to prevent these prayers taking place at his graduation. He was granted an injunction, then lost on appeal by the district and Tx AG Abbott.
The Castroville community, as seen on FOX last night, now plans to bus in all manner of people with no interest in seeing a beloved child graduate, but with definite interest in creating a media and Christian spectacle.
Rather than protect the privacy of minor students in their charge, Medina Valley ISD officials elected instead to provide my son’s full name to the media. Obviously we will not be attending this abomination of a grad ceremony as my the community hatred toward my family has been intense.
What a shameful, disgraceful display from a public school.


Note: I’ll be hosting this conversation as my friend is busy hosting the diary over at Daily Kos. I’m in communication with her so I can answer questions with just a bit of a lag time.

Note: Their lawsuit was filed with the help of Americans United For the Separation of Church and State.



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