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Jane Hamsher nails the question on Cenk Uygur tonight: Is the GOP trashing the economy?

Jane Hamsher, Founder of

Jane Hamsher got it right tonight on Cenk Uygur’s MSNBC TV broadcast when asked if the GOP was trashing the economy.  Her answer went to the heart of the issue:

“But that seems to be the conventional wisdom across the political spectrum right now. Everybody’s an austerity freak. And you are absolutely right, Ryan is absolutely right, in that there is no jobs program out there. There’s nobody who has the courage to say right now, to be the adult in the conversation, and say we need to have a jobs program to put people back to work. And the last thing we should be doing is cutting state budgets and firing people. That it will only make the problem worse.

So it’s not just the 80 people who have just come in, it seems to be everybody. And they’re saying it whether they believe it or not because that’s where conventional wisdom is based these days.”

It’s not just the GOP trashing the economy. The Democrats are wielding axes and sledge hammers as well, destroying any chance for an economic recovery. As Jane summed it up so perfectly, “everybody’s an austerity freak!”

Where are the Progressive Democrats in Congress standing up and demanding a jobs program to put people back to work?  Why isn’t President Obama proposing a jobs program?  Why the silence of the Democrats on jobs? What happened to the mantra, “where are the jobs?”

Did they all flunk Economics 101? By creating jobs, incomes increase, consumers buy, manufacturers increase production, service providers have more work, and tax revenues increase. Cutting taxes on multinationals and the rich may create more jobs in China, but not here in the US. And cutting government spending and laying off Federal, state, and local workers will only exacerbate our pitiful economic condition.

I hear Bernie Sanders, an Independent, and Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, proposing over and over again the urgent need to create jobs.  But all I hear from President Obama and Vice President Biden is that we need to cut over a trillion dollars from our budget…in the worst recession since the Great Depression?  I knew that Biden wasn’t a great intellect:  remember his plagiarism in law school?  But why do I hear Chris Matthews and others assert that Obama possesses a superior intellect. If he is such a genius, why did Obama select Wall Streeters like Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers as his top economic advisors when he, as a Democrat, is supposed to be the voice of the average American worker? Do you recall him promising to put on his walking shoes and walk the picket lines if necessary. Well, did you see Obama in Wisconsin a few months ago?

And why are centrists and corporatists like Obama and Clinton the elected leaders of the Democratic Party?  Why is there not a Progressive challenging Obama in a Democratic primary now?  Where are the progressives?  Did they all die and go to Democrat heaven?

Why is Obama appointing Deficit Commissions and agreeing to a trillion dollars in budget cuts, including putting Medicare “on the table”, before demanding tax increases on the rich? Does he really hope and believe, as Biden stated, to accomplish tax increases on the rich after cutting a trillion dollars from the middle class’s social and entitlement programs? Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?  Or is he just selling out the lower and middle classes in America? Where is that voice for the average American that I voted for in 2008?

We need someone in the White House on our side, a true Progressive.  Progressives like Jane Hamsher, Cenk Uygur, Bernie Sanders, Robert Reich, Adam Green, David Sirota, Dennis Kucinich, et al.  Dear Jane Hamsher, please consider running for President.  Please, Jane, Bernie, Cenk, Rob, Adam, David, Dennis, challenge Obama in a primary for 2012.

If you missed Jane Hamsher on Cenk Uygur’s MSNBC TV’s broadcast this evening, you can catch it here and a complete transcript at “Is the GOP trashing the economy?

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