No one has stated the problem better than Bernie Sanders.

All Americans should listen to this video of Senator Sanders and stop buying the propaganda being pushed by the rich and their wealthy sock monkeys in Congress for giving the wealthiest in this nation a free ride with tax breaks. The top 400 people in the USA now have more than the bottom 125 million.

The gap in the USA between the have and the have nots is larger than the gap in any western nation. It is time to close their Cayman Island tax shelters. It it time for corporations like Exxon Mobil and GE to stop being allowed to get a total free ride on taxes and pay nothing. It is time for corporations like Goldman Sachs to stop being allowed to pay 1% income tax when the majority of Americans pay 25% of their income. It is time to stop allowing the wealthiest to pay on average 17.5% of their income in taxes while the rest of us pay on average 25%.

STOP ALLOWING THE RICH TO FRAME THEMSELVES AS “VICTIMS”!    This is NOT about “redistribution of wealth” or taking from the poor little rich girls and boys. This is about ending tax breaks for the rich free loaders.

Also it is time that President Obama stops giving his stamp of approval to these people by having men like Jeffrey Immelt CEO of GE as a financial advisor–the CEO of a wealthy income tax evader as a financial advisor–PLEASE.

It it time that President Obama asks greedy rude pigs like Alan Simpson who crudely insults millions of Americans with his elitist snobby filthy mouth to step down as one of the co-chairpersons from the deficit committee. It is time for the President to step up to the bat and decide if he is going to represent Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and rich Harvard graduates, or if he is going to represent the majority of the American people.

In short, it is time for the President to do more than say that he supports the majority while proving by his actions that he does not.


Liz Berry

Liz Berry