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Attacks on CBPP’s Reputation Totally Baseless

Yves Smith’s suggestion in an FDL post today that the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities was in some way “bribed” to support the tax-cut-UI compromise that Congress struck in December is outrageous and completely false.  The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has not taken a penny from the Peterson Foundation or anyone else with an interest in extending high-income tax cuts.

Had Smith bothered to check the record, she would have found that few policy organizations in DC have issued as many reports and analyses assailing the high-income tax cuts, from 2001 — when they were first considered — through the present day, as has the Center.

We consistently called for the expiration of the upper-income tax cuts at the end of 2010, and supported the December compromise because we were convinced its defeat by the last Congress in December would lead to a more unfavorable deal under the new Congress that took office in January.  We think the track record of the new Congress to date bears out that judgment.

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