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An Interesting Fact About Obama’s Inauguration

President Barack Obama’s inauguration was a momentous occasion, which many Americans from around the country traveled to see.

Today, as the Obama presidency has become more mundane, much of the inauguration is forgotten. Most Americans, if they remember anything at all of the inauguration, might dimly recall the blunder Chief Justice John Roberts and Mr. Obama made during the swearing-in.

There was, however, a thread of fear that the inauguration would be the attempt for an assassination attempt against Mr. Obama, as the first African-American president. This was something which many people quietly feared, even knowing that the hard evidence was slim.

Naturally, the president and his security were aware of this possibility, and they took steps to prevent it. As it turns out, the president-elect was wearing a specially designed, bullet-resistant suit that day. Very few people knew about this, and very few people know about it to this day (there are quite natural reasons why).

Fortunately, the president turned out not to have needed the suit and the protection; there was no threat that day. All in all, the inauguration was a boring event, and therefore a successful one. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know that Mr. Obama was wearing a suit designed to hinder bullets, even though it did not look like he was doing so. It is good to know that clever measures such as this are being utilized to protect the country’s leader.


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