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While much of what is considered news is just so much ‘dirt in the air’,posturing by those who think they matter or would like to think they matter, or stuff the government wants you to believe, some news is actually of importance. Even if it’s only to reflect upon.

With that caveat, I bring you more ‘news’.

UN chief challenges world to agree tougher target for climate change
““Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN framework convention on climate change, said: “Two degrees is not enough – we should be thinking of 1.5C. If we are not headed to 1.5C we are in big, big trouble.”

And, of course, the PTB struggled like hell just to agree on the 2.0C target.

Related: World Bank warns of ‘failing’ international carbon market
“If the poor performance continued, it would mean increasing greenhouse gas emissions, he predicted. “We are heading for a 3C or 4C world [temperature rise].”

For the effects of such a temperature rise see here and here

New strain of MRSA superbug found in cows
And the U.S. feeds it’s livestock more antibiotics than anywhere else on the planet.

And contrast what Brazil is doing versus our political discourse:
Brazil launches scheme to lift millions out of poverty
So what are the poverty definition levels here in the U.S.?

    2011 HHS Poverty Guidelines
    Persons in Family
    48 Contiguous
    States and D.C. Alaska Hawaii
    1 $10,890 $13,600 $12,540
    2 14,710 18,380 16,930
    3 18,530 23,160 21,320
    4 22,350 27,940 25,710
    5 26,170 32,720 30,100
    6 29,990 37,500 34,490
    7 33,810 42,280 38,880
    8 37,630 47,060 43,270
    For each additional person, add
    3,820 4,780 4,390

And get this: “An Interagency Technical Working Group on Developing a Supplemental Poverty Measure was formed in 2009 and charged with developing a set of initial starting points to permit the U.S. Census Bureau, in cooperation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, to produce a Supplemental Poverty Measure. The Supplemental Poverty Measure will not replace the official poverty measure and will not be used to determine eligibility for government programs. Instead, the Supplemental Poverty Measure is designed as an experimental poverty measure that defines income thresholds and resources in a manner different from the official poverty measure.”

But if you’re are single and making minimum wage, you’re making $4,190 more than what is considered “poverty level” by the U.S. government. Now doesn’t that make you feel better?

And lastly, even the quantum physicists have to go back to the drawing board:
Researchers have bent one of the most basic rules of quantum mechanics, a counterintuitive branch of physics that deals with atomic-scale interactions.
“Its “complementarity” rule asserts that it is impossible to observe light behaving as both a wave and a particle, though it is strictly both.

In an experiment reported in Science, researchers have now done exactly that.”

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