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Sleeping Baby: What’s All The Fuss About?

[Pouting Baby wasn’t able to be with us tonight, so Sleeping Baby (aka a newborn PW) has volunteered to stay up way past her bedtime to take his place. Don’t be surprised if she spits up a bit — she does that sometimes after she eats…]

Yaaawwwwnnnnn. Glrupppp. Sowwy ’bout that, evvvyone. I’d be in bed snoozing wight now, but instead some gwownups who aren’t weally gwown up are making me spit up.

I dunno why so many people are acting so weird about that picture that wound up on Mr. Weiner’s Bookfaced site or Witter or whatever it was. Funny, when Mr. Vitter’s nanny talked about how he still wuvvvs wearing diapers, the WaPo didn’t invite Chris Lehane to spend a few hours talking to people online about it.

Yaaaawwwn…buuRRRRRP. Sowwy!

I also dunno why the gwownups on Mommy and Daddy’s teevee aren’t all mad at that Chris Christie man, when what he did was weally worth getting weird about. And I weally dunno why most of the gwownups are spending more time on a silly picture than on the gwownups at Moody’s telling Mr. Boehner not to be such a big dumb stupidhead and just waise the debt ceiwing alweady.

But what do I know? I’m just a tired baby who wants to go back to sweeepppp…. zzzzz….


…zzzzz…buurrrrPPp gloop. Sowwy!

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