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Leadership in Both Parties Support More War – Bipartisanship Lives

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While bipartisanship is often rare these days in Washington DC there are at least two issue where it can still be found in abundance, shredding our civil liberties and, of course, supporting more war.

It was our Democratic President, Barack Obama, who unilaterally launched a war against Libya despite it posing no immediate threat to or security concern to our nation. This “limited” military action has now morphed into us support one side in a months long full scale civil war.

Even using a very generous interruption of the War Powers Act this is now an illegal war because it went beyond 60 days without Congressional approval. But both the Republican House leadership and Democratic Senate leadership were happy to turn a bipartisan blind eye to this serious constitutional problem let the war keeping going.

Yet when Rep. Dennis Kucinich came close to actually bring our unnecessary involvement in this particular war to an end is when we really saw an explosion of bipartisanship among both party’s leadership to take action to assure America continued involvement in military conflict.

Republican House Speaker John Boehner acted quickly to pull Kucinich’s resolution because it might pass and finally start working on a bill supporting the continuation of the war he could whip his party into supporting. At the same time you have House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi making clear she absolutely doesn’t support an end to the war in Libya. If the resolution approving our war in Libya ever does reach the House floor, I have little doubt Obama could count of both Pelosi and Boehner to make sure it passes so we can keep on dropping bombs.

There are few things the leaders of our two major political parties will work together on, but keeping America fighting wars is surely one of them.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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