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The Two Major Crime Families In America ( Part 1)

Lets look at the The Republicans Crime Family from the Last Administration.  President George W. Bush (aka ,dub ya,Chimpie, The Troglodyte ,The Don ,The Torture In Chief). The suspender of parts of the of Constitution he did not  like (exp. Habeas Carpus act, spying on American Citizens). The Vice President Dick Cheney (aka Knuckles, Dar Vader, Doctor Death The Ghost Face Killer). Yes the Ghost face Killer had his own spy network and Kill Team run out of the Pentagon. The Secretary of State Colin Powell (aka The Truth Bender, The coverup-er, The Charts and Graph man, Mister Fix It ). The My Lai  Massacre was  Mister Fix It Man jobs. The Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (aka Vordack The Incomprehensible). This is one of Ford and Nixon  old cronies . You see these people do not die . They just Multiply .The National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice (aka Lady Macbeth, Cruella De Vill, “The Devil Handmaiden”, The High Sheriff Of Hell, ).  The Betrayer of Trust of the Birmingham Tragedy. This  is what happen when your are corn fed and hand raised by George H. Bush old cronies.The Liaison to the Torturers. The CIA Director George Tenet(aka The magic man, The Black Site Man, The Inquisitor, The WMD Man, The Rendition Specialist)  The “Pepe Le Pew” wanna be. Next we have The Counsel  To The White and The United State Attorney General Alberta Gonzales (aka Tattoo, “We don’t need no stinking warrants”) . The replacement of real lawyers with Clown College Graduates. With this group of liars and would be assassins they were playing a game of mumbletypeg with other people lives. The  unindicted co-conspirator killers of women and children and violators  of The United State Constitution.  The Violators Of The Geneva Convention  If I miss anything from The Executive Branch Of Government Just add it in here(…..on and on and )

Welcome to The Head Of The Democratic Crime Family. President Barack Obama (aka Barry, The Community Organizer, The Don, The Prince of Peace, The New Jesus, Superman Light, The Liar In Chief, Dolomite).The Killer of American Citizens without due process. The warrant less wire taper , The signer of a Bill Of Attainder and the recipient of Nobel Peace Prize on layaway.The Vice President Of the United Of The United states Joe Biden (aka The Plagiarizer, The Back Door Dealer, The King of Miss-Speaking). The Secretary Of The United state Hillary Clinton(aka Muscle, The Ball Buster, Kate “Ma” Barker) The Secretary Of Defense a hold over from the last Crime Family. The Truth Bender old pal Robert Gates. A relic from the George H. Bush Crime Family ( aka “Sling Blade”,The Silence assassin,  or The Inquisitor). The National Security Advisor, another relic from the Clinton Crime Family Thomas Donilon ( Aka The Drone man  ).His   been  ever organizations . This is one  Bill Clinton very old Cronies from the 90’s . He was Fannie Mae”s Chief Lobbyist during  the housing boom . He was one of the chief culprits When Fannie Mae collapsed.  He was the man who got the right people together. If he work in a he Brothel he would be dead. Mama do not let you son grow up to be a soldier. This genius was behind Dolomite war strategy in Afghanistan.The United state Attorney General Eric Holder(Aka Mr Chiquita Banana) . On  his road to nirvana he  took allot of twist and turn from a hand in Bill Clinton Impeachment to  pardon One of Clinton fugitive contributors Marc Rich. Poor Norman Yung Yuen Hsu you should got earlier and got quick. A greedy pig will never be a hog .  Do not  give  up Norman . Who knows what will happen in Dolomite Administration . If only Dolomite would give Mr. Chiquita  his gonads back. Another hold over from the Clinton Crime Family,The CIA Director Leon Panetta(aka The take no prisoner Little Henery The chicken Hawk) Foghorn Leghorn Nemesis. The Secretary of Treasure Tim Geither (Aka The money man, Swamp Rat, The Devil Son-in- law). He was head of the the New York Fed under the previous Crime Family. You can see King Kong has nothing on this rat bastard. The Money Man did not bother to pay his own taxes.The Money Man was one of the architect of The Wall Street Bail out (Tarp). The Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke a hold over from the previous crime family(aka Crook y Ben, Rogue ) This is another architect of the Wall Street bailout . So you can see the old boss is just like new boss. If I left anything out on this crime family you can add it here(…and so and so on) . Because Dolomite just shot Bin Laden in the head. Who else we don’t know have turn up dead? That old African proverb seem out of place in The Ball Buster mouth (“It take a village to raise a child”) . All it takes is one drone to kill them all.There  are more crooks, liars,assassins, murderous, killer of women and children in both Crime Family than in the State Of South Dakota. Even if you counted the people there twice and the animal three times you still come up short.It become a revolving door. They spent more time with the people who are paying them than the voters.  If there in a middle class in America you need a GPS and Map-Quest to  find it .The Two Crime Family control just about everything. The two major crime families protect their Crime Bosses, Their  Made Men, Their Lieutenants and their money sources (oligarchs,plutocrats) .Both crime families are on the government  and the private sector dole. If any one goes to jail there is a standing agreement that know one get allot of time. The Mafia haven’t got anything on these partners in crime. It like there is a high disregard for human life. There is a passage in The Epic Of Gilgamesh, “What ever they keep trying to achieve is but wind”.

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