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Headlines You Won’t See on CNN

Every week, the nice foks at CNN allow various organizations to suggest headlines linked to their blogs. CNN’s John King then graciously runs the headlines/links at some point in their news coverage. The idea is to capture in a headline the perspectives of different groups. Nice gesture, I suppose.

Once in a while, I’ll suggest something, knowing CNN won’t show it, but I can understand why. So for our readers’ benefit, here’s the news of the last week you won’t see on CNN, in Scarecrow headlines:

1. Only ratings matter, as CNN, others exploit, give platform to serial liar, smear agent Andrew Breitbart

2. Tea-GOP to USA: “Give up your Medicare/Medicaid or we’ll tank the economy again.” Isn’t extortion a crime?

3. Which is worse: Syria tortures, mutilates, murders small boy; US bombs Afghan homes, shredding bodies of women, children, again and again, and . . .

4. Definition of crazy: US economic growth pitiful; no hope for unemployed, no one has a real jobs plan. Yet Tea-GOP demand Obama shrink economy more, be llke Ireland, Portugal, Spain.

5. European bankers demand Greeks become serfs to lower debts owed to bankers. In USA, Tea-GOP follow same strategy, but too dumb to know their fans are the serfs.

6. Beltway Media fixation on abysmal GOP Prez candidates akin to one clown car following another at a circus.

7. Definition of irresponsible: Congress can’t wait to give President unilateral authority to wage war anytime, anywhere, against anyone, forever.

8. What’s a terrorist? Tea-GOP Congress and Governors doing more damage to USA than al Qaeda every dreamed.

9. Congress renews misnamed “Patriot Act” invasions of privacy. If left to them, half the Bill of Rights would never have existed.

10. Definition of extreme authoritarians: Conservative US Supreme Court continues to dismantle individual rights to sue, hold accountable lawless govenrment and corporations.

11. US multi-national corporations whine about taxes while enjoying one of lowest effective tax rates — about 18 percent — in the world. Marginal tax rates on wealthy lowest in many decades.

12. Wake up, suckers: America is a “rich” country: of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. The rest of you don’t matter.

13. Think and act like an Egyptian. Your government’s as unresponsible, corrupt, uncaring as theirs. If they had a choice, so do you. Make America exceptional again.

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