30 Jun 2011

The Saga of a Divided Electorate

Most Americans choose to divide our voting citizenry along party lines – Democrats and Republicans.  The Democrats have been characterized by the tendency to overspend and their devotion to a big government that likes to take our freedoms away.  Republicans are best known for their conviction of fiscal conservation and

30 Jun 2011

Justice Mistakes Microphone For Slender Defenseless Woman’s Neck

David Prosser, the Wisconsin Strangler, has issues: Wisconsin state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who has been publicly accused of putting Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in a chokehold, had another flare-up on Thursday — this time with a reporter. The local Fox affiliate in Milwaukee sent reporter Mike Lowe to

30 Jun 2011

Could Durham’s CIA “Investigation” Lead to Understanding Migration of Torture Techniques?

The announcement of John Durham’s decision to investigate two CIA detainee murders prompts a reexamination at how the different torture techniques were developed, and how they were propagated across governmental institutional boundaries between the Department of Defense and the CIA. If the press did their job, perhaps we could get a better picture of how torture was implemented, who was responsible, leading the public to demand the accountability that otherwise, without significant public outcry, is not going to happen.

30 Jun 2011

Will Cyrus Vance Turn His Head & Walk Away From DSK?

The case against DSK, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is disintegrating at the seams. It never seemed to be quite the closed case it was portrayed as, and now we are left to ask what lies beneath the messy and complicated incident.

30 Jun 2011

Anti-GMO Crusader, and Mom, Robyn O’Brien.


( Thanks to YouTube and to Dr. Mercola and his Website )

Hey Firedogs, this video is nineteen minutes that not only provides yet another perspective on the proliferation of genetically modified foods, but also a personal perspective on individual activism. IMHO it’s worth your time.

From Dr. Mercola’s website and a post on June 14th he writes :

That something has gone awry is obvious when you take a look at the statistics. Between 1997 and 2002 the number of peanut allergies doubled, and the number of hospitalizations related to allergic reactions to food increased by a whopping 265 percent. One out of 17 children now has some form of food allergy. And allergy rates are rising.

And further, discussing a topic I have covered in this series before here :

Corn allergies are on the rise, and while some genetically modified corn is engineered to withstand Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, other varieties are engineered to create their own internal pesticide (Bt toxin). The biotech industry claimed there were no health risks to worry about from these altered foods. In the case of Bt corn, the concern that your gut might turn into a pesticide factory was shrugged off with lame assurances that the Bt toxin wouldn’t survive once ingested.

30 Jun 2011

Its screen measures almost 40 inches diagonal

Toshiba E305 has a backlit keyboard style of the island, which once again turned his laptop at CES 2011, where he won one of the best chances at CES. Until now, the keyboard has a nice look and good keyspacing. The keys are pretty flat, but not an unpleasant guy.

30 Jun 2011

Shorter Strauss-Kahn lesson:Video your sexual encounters–it might keep you outta jail!

Holy reversal of fortune, Batman! A dizzying array of profoundly damaging details about the pious and hard working hotel employee who took down the head of the IMF are cascading into public view Credibility? Shredded. Character? Sliced and diced. History? Shadier than one could imagine. (I will reproduce the catalog

30 Jun 2011

Late Night: Banksters – Whines That Don’t Age Well

Sounds like times are tough for the banksters after all, right? Well maybe not so much. Fortune had this post which called the Bank of America $8.5B settlement a “win,” apparently because it allows BoA to “look forward” and all that. According to this from Reuters, BoA will take write-offs of a bit over $20B in total in the 2nd quarter of the year, giving them a loss for the quarter. It is figures like that that show just how skewed things are. One bank takes a write-off/loss of over $20B in a fiscal quarter and will still most likely be profitable for the year!

30 Jun 2011

Register of Deeds John O’Brien Releases Forensic Study, Finds Mass Fraud in Foreclosure Docs

John O’Brien is engaged in some real activism. He told every homeowner in his district to check the records at his website and see if their home mortgage documentation has been robo-signed. He’s facilitating consumer protection complaints through the Massachusetts AG. He has provided letters that homeowners can print out and send to their servicers, demanding their full chain of title pursuant to federal law.