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Selective Law & Order

Looks like we can add “participating in a flash mob at a public monument” to the list of things that are more illegal than torture, assassination, starting a war under false pretenses, foreclosure fraud, securities fraud, warrantless wiretapping, and buying public officials:

Andrew Sharp, one of the protesters, says they were told they would not be given a warning and would be immediately arrested if they started dancing in the monument.

“I think some people thought it was a joke at first, and then they started putting handcuffs on people and were very, very serious about it,” says Sharp.

Sharp says there were about a dozen protesters, and five of them were arrested.

“Putting handcuffs on people” is a mild understatement: Check out the cops bodyslamming and choking one dangerous dancing criminal while piling onto another (around the 3-minute mark), plus some additional manhandling footage here.

Exercise your constitutional right to protest -> Handcuffs and a beatdown.

(Allegedly) expose war crimes and embarrassing state secrets -> Months of solitary confinement, humiliation and psychological torture without a trial.

Destroy thousands or hundreds of thousands of lives for personal gain -> Bygones!

America has both too much law and order, and not enough.

(h/t Jill)

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