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Schumer: “Leave the bankies alooone….”

Who will stand up for the vampire squid? Who will speak for the scumsuckers who prey upon the life of the people? Who could possibly defend the corrupt, thieving, rapacious parasites who brought the economy of the nation to its knees?

Fighting to free the investment banks from the (pitifully small) constraints that is Dodd-Frank, a hero emerges from among the hundred senators….It’s Banksterman, and his sidekick Kristen G.

“You punish the banks, you punish us all…”

Abetted by the New York Observer (the hipster’s NY Times…) Schumer and Gillebrand show that they are, truly, the senators from Wall Street.

As the surviving masters of the universe, gorged on the remains of the shattered financial system, pumped now even too bigger to fail, rally their minions to “win the future”, their heralds have the bald faced effrontery to tell the peasantry that unless we enable the further financialization of our already hollowed economy, the flow of crumbs from the patrician table will tail off.

This, then, is what we are up against.

When the organs of the plutocracy find themselves so unconstrained by even the slightest bounds of discourse, freely waving the bloody shirt of New York City brought to its knees by “overregulation of the banks”, is it any wonder that elections yield us such chimerical relief from our oppressors.

Let us grant them this: They ain’t subtle, they ain’t sorry, and they ain’t about to surrender.

They must be crushed, and a stake driven through their dark beating hearts, or we are doomed.

Class war, y’all.

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