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Sunday Late Night: Let’s Have a Harvey Milk Stamp!

Last Sunday was Harvey Milk’s birthday — he’d be 81, just imagine! — and efforts have begun to convince the United States Postal Service to issue a Harvey Milk stamp. Among the first openly gay elected officials in America, Harvey remains a national icon for his statement — still as valid today as when he said it about the kid in middle America who saw no gay or lesbian role models around him or her — “you gotta give them hope!”

Thanks to a remarkable major motion picture and a Presidential Medal of Freedom, Harvey’s almost mainstream-acceptable now in a way that would probably startle him. And that brings us to the point of this evening’s post: let’s have a stamp with Harvey Milk on it!

Beyond the simple common sense of honoring an American civil rights hero and martyr, there is, of course, the fun of it:

“He would get that twisted smile of his and say, ‘Hell, imagine all those straights having to lick my backside to send a piece of mail,’” writes David Mixner on his blog,

Here’s the official word from the US Postal Service, in typically tortured bureaucrat-ese:

I am pleased to respond that Harvey Milk is under consideration by the Committee for possible future stamp issuance. The Committee is responsible for reviewing stamp proposals and making subject and design recommendations to the Postmaster General.As additional information, the Committee decides on new stamp subject recommendations far in advance of the issue date in order to provide time for planning, design, production, and distribution. Currently, the 2012 and 2013 stamp programs are completed, and stamp subjects for the 2014 program and subsequent years are being selected. Although many of the subjects for upcoming new stamps have been identified, no public announcement of individual new stamps is made until the entire stamp program for that year has been approved. This occurs in the fall preceding the year of issuance.

If you’d like a chance to lick Harvey Milk’s backside to send a piece of mail, sign the petition right here. More than 9,000 other people have signed.

We can make this happen. Let’s do it for Harvey’s memory.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge