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It’s Giuliani Time!

The polling on the Republican 2012 field is just as schizo and crazy as the party itself. Huck, Willard, The Reality Show Guy, The Quitter and now Rudy — have all been the front-runner at one time or another.

Granted, Rudy’s stay atop the field isn’t going to last very long. At some point, it will occur to the Teabaggers that the thrice-married former Mayor of Jew New York City used to be pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-gun control — and other than 9/11 (which no one thinks is cool anymore) — has no rationale whatsoever for running for president.

But Rudy’s renaissance will be even briefer if he keeps saying stuff like this.

“Don’t tell me Republicans and Democrats can’t get along,” he quipped, to applause, before adding, “Just don’t tell that story in South Carolina. Otherwise I won’t stand a chance” in that early primary state.


Because if it’s one thing Republican primary voters want more than anything else, more than gutting the New Deal and taking a wrecking ball to the Great Society, more than making abortion a crime, more than cutting taxes for millionaires and corporations — it’s diligently working to find creative ways to “get along” and “work together” with the Kenyan Marxist Dictator in the White House, who’s hellbent on destroying America.

Good luck with that, Rudy!

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