Andrew Breitbart’s Employees Are All-Penis, All-The-Time

Screen-cap of Big Government from earlier this evening:

So while America prepared for their Monday barbecues, Breitbart had his pretend “citizen journalists” scouring the internet for  any Weinernalia they could get their hands on, leading to items above 1-19, with 20 reserved for a dick. Leading the pack was Breitbart’s “I Cover The Uppity Negroes” beat reporter Lee Stranahan who obviously felt comfortable going down this road since the young lady in question is of the dusky hue. Now, as it all starts to fall apart and Brietbart’s belligerent attack nitwit Dana Loesch is implicated (duped or stupid? Well, stupid is a given…) BigGov’s Dan Riehl starts dancing backwards  (in heels, no less) and, well, humph huff-puff bluster bluster…. daaaaah …. Anthony Weiner is endangering America and we’re all gonna die!

Or something:

The notion that a verified Twitter account, in this instance, belonging to a member of Congress, can allegedly be hacked and continue to remain verified raises serious questions for Twitter. That an official account of a member of Congress can be hacked has even broader ramifications. Many taxpayers may not think it the laughing matter Rep. Anthony Weiner appeared to think it was, given his own reaction.


When contacted, sources on Capitol Hill raised serious concerns given that such a hacked account could potentially provide access to confidential, if not classified, information, by facilitating access to government servers via an existing Virtual Private Network. The extent of any hack would have to be investigated before any determination in that regard could be made.

If someone was easily able to access Weiner’s password for Twitter or Facebook, it’s unknown what other passwords they may have captured. It was also explained that a Representative should feel compelled to immediately report the incident to the House Sargeant at Arms, enabling Capitoll Hill Police to conduct an investigation.

One would presume Weiner appreciates all that and has taken appropriate action, as he did recently support the Cybersecurity and Internet Freedom Act of 2011. Unfortunately, given his office’s reluctance to speak to that issue, that remains unknown.

Anthony Weiner’s office won’t talk to citizen journalists and, so, this is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a Weiner.

(Thanks to Roy for the Datechguy link)

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