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Pull Up a Chair: Emergencies Happen

"Joplin, Mo // Tin Can" (photo: el clinto)

The past few weeks have been all to full of disasters happening around us, and to us, and showing that the natural world isn’t easy on us residents on the earth. The fact that we have contributed to our own mess isn’t comforting, especially to those of us who are taking responsibility and trying to make amends in the ways we can.

Fortunately, I have been able to limit my driving – and when I worked far away, had a commuter bus/rail route I could and did take. Keeping the artificial conveniences minimal is a pleasure to me, one that I never could see as any imposition when it makes the world a better place. Okay, I do shower more than some societies find necessary, but the thermostat is easy on the environment and much of the veggie diet home grown. Do you have special ways that you help keep the strain on our environment to a minimum?

This weekend, I will be visiting friends in Missouri, at a farm that has no internet, so may not be able to get online Saturday. Sorry to be hosting without a presence, but I will check in when I can.

On the way to the farm, I drive through Joplin, MO, where recently a tornado was the most deadly on record. Knowing I’d be going that way, I called our local Red Cross and was advised that on Main Street there would be a relief operation and that since I would be there anyway, water is always welcome. Since then, I’ve loaded my trunk with cases of water.

Ironically, I’d posted the past two Sundays about emergency food and interesting meals that canned food can be used for. Really, I had no idea those ruminations would be coming so close to home. Now I’m checking to make sure the flashlights are in working order, and there’s a manual can opener at hand. There’s always a stock of canned food and water.

What sort of emergency preparations have you made at your homes? In light of the recent outbreak of disasters, have you thought over your own plans and do they need any additional planning?

It happens that my home is at a far end of Tornado Alley, and this week we have already had two hailstorms, with the sirens blowing. The tornado itself went around me, but others haven’t been so fortunate. While I do donate to the Red Cross and make substantial food and office/work clothes donations to the nearby Crisis Center, I’m not exactly on the Patron level anywhere.

We’re all in awe of demi and the work she does with her food pantry, and looking for her to keep us up with the operation there which serves so many. If you’ve worked at a shelter or emergency facility, or needed one yourself, I hope you’ll talk with us about it.

The needs of those who’ve just been thrown out of house, home and security with such violence and such tragedy shows us again why we need a functioning operational government. It’s yet another reason that the economy needs to be re-ordered so that those in need are served – instead of those who have no regard for the needs of their country, or their community.

Like you I am working toward making this country one that deserves, and earns, our respect. I’m going to be feeling good about what I’ve done, but want to do more, and better, for those who need support not just now, but to become more secure and functioning.

Have a good day making something memorial.

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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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