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Late Night: The Unfacts Are Too Precisely Few

It’s springtime, and I’m having a nasty allergy flare-up. I’ve tried everything… what I’m pretty sure what would work would be blasting away with an assault rifle at all those damn pinko pollen spores, but the socialists who run this country gave me all sorts of static when I opened fire with a Kalashnikov at the botanical garden flowerbeds. Glenn Reynolds tried to warn us this sort of travesty would be commonplace if Obama got elected, but nooooo, we wouldn’t listen.

Anyway it’s also a holiday weekend, so there’s not much point in writing a post that might actually be about anything.

Better, surely, to write about nothing, which brings us by commodious vicus of recirculation back to the interminably flushing toilet that is the 21st-century Gee Oh Pee, and thus inevitably to Sarah Palin, who may be a piece of poo, but is nevertheless buoyant. Which is all that matters! Just float to the top, you know? As a commenter in Ann Althouse’s blog comments section emanates (source chosen  in keeping with the “cloacal & circular” leitmotifs, and to highlight the utter pointlessness that is Palin):

Run, Sarah, run!

At least the presidential race will be entertaining!

She’ll kick Obama’s ass a few times, win or lose, and she won’t sit around fretting about his skin color.

Yeah, I bet probably not.

Sarah Palin is all about cashing in on the rubes’ nasty, preposterous grievances.

See also and most recently this, where Palin’s “team” egregiously fucking up a photo op turns into, well, as per one of the Big Stupid Websites, an ALINSKY LAMESTREAM MEDIA  COMMIE ATTACK!!!!

It’s what I call stirring the Palin-Fury; a storm of exhausting personal drama the MSM keeps perpetually alive at all costs in order to undermine the Governor as a serious political figure. Once you see The Matrix behind what the MSM is doing — the real goal behind their sinister behavior — you understand that whether or not whatever story they’re reporting on is true or valid has nothing to do with whether or not they’ve succeeded — because it’s just a fact that anything that keeps the Palin-Fury swirling is a success….

When it comes to Palin, the goal is never the truth, the goal is to Alinsky her with nonsensical personal drama that not only serves to suck all the air out of any chance she has at being taken seriously but also to exhaust her supporters. The psy-ops tactic is to make us blame Palin for this never-ending nonsensical soap opera, to make us wish she would just go away.

… Which is so crazy that it just has to be sincere. Unfortunately, as far as conspiracy mongering goes, it founders on the rocks of it being completely fucking hilarious that there is a liberal plot to make Palin look like a self-absorbed loonball in order to make her go away.

I mean, snark aside, I kind of wish she would, as that might be an indication that the Republican Party “base” had finally learned how to wipe. But until then, guys, you may be congratulating yourselves on having just enjoyed some darn tasty chocolate, but everyone else knows what you’ve really been eating.

Have some more!

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