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Breaking: Dan Choi Arrested With Others At Moscow Pride

Dan is live-tweeting his arrest in Moscow for demonstrating against the government’s cancellation of Pride. There is liveblogging on the Moscow Pride arrests/situation at:

Army Lieutenant Dan Choi, outspoken Don’t Ask Don’t Tell activist, is in Russia this week in solidarity with LGBT activists there, who are defying the recent ban on Moscow pride, scheduled for this Saturday May 28. While activists plan to march in defiance of the ban, the Moscow police have vowed to break up the parade, and religious and Neo-Nazi extremist groups have announced they’ll be out in force as well. Dan Choi filmed a short video from in front of the Kremlin, announcing his intention to march with Russian activists, and risk arrest while doing it. Here is that video:

Some of the Tweets:

From Russian Police PaddyWagon:

LGBT Activists (led by Russian Transgender citizen (male pronoun) Anna Komarova) arrested after attacks by Neo-Nazis

Headed to unknown Moscow Station

Right ear ringing small bleeding, 8 in the car including me and Andy Thayer.

Dan Choi

Street Address: Litvina Sidogo 3A.

8 minutes ago

Dan Choi

We are here: (gray dot) Right ear ringing small bleeding, 7 in the car including me and Andy Thayer.

11 minutes ago

Dan Choi

We are entering Presnensky Police Station 1905, Moscow.

22 minutes ago

Dan Choi

Our group was led by Transgender Russian Citizen (male pronoun) Anna Komarova, 29 yrs old.

26 minutes ago

Dan Choi

Russian Arrestees: Tim Magomedor (25yo), Alexy Kiselev 27, Elizaveta Nikitina 23, Alexander Shiriaev 24, Andzey Zayziev 25.

30 minutes ago

Dan Choi

Right ear ringing, small bleeding, 8 in the Moscow Police squad car including Louis Georges-Tin, Andy Thayer and me. “Glasnost!”

34 minutes ago

As of 8AM ET, there still has been no response by the U.S. Embassy or from the U.S. Srate Department. U.S. State Dept. Web site:, Switchboard: 202-647-4000. Dan’s request: “need calls to Hillary Clinton: condemn violation of Russian and Universal rights of expression.”

UPDATE: Video of arrests:

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