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FDL Member Town Hall with Alan Grayson Next Wednesday, 6/1

Next Wednesday at 7pm ET, the FDL Membership program will be hosting a virtual town hall for members with Rep. Alan Grayson.

Rep. Grayson will be offering a presentation on how the mal-distribution of income and wealth have caused the chronic federal deficit, which has led to a series of bubbles, crashes, and other structural economic problems.  He will also address how progressive action is necessary in  order to fix the problem.

Rep. Grayson has unique perspective on the workings of government, having successfully led the the campaign in congress to Audit the Federal Reserve. Prior to being elected to Congress in 2008, he sued defense contractors as part of his law practice. I can honestly say that in my experience no member of Congress speaks with as much insight and candor about how the game is played, and what really goes on in the back-room deals that dominate our political process.

Following the presentation, there will be a chance for members to speak with Rep. Grayson and ask questions. If you’re a member, your invitation will be arriving next week.

If you’re not an FDL member, and you’d like to join, you can do that here.

The presentation by Alan Grayson is one in a series of town hall meetings we’ll be having as a feature of the FDL membership program, in which we hear from leaders representing various disciplines and discuss how progressive activists can organize successfully for the future. Rep. Grayson is an important voice in any conversation about progressive action, and we’re thrilled to have him join us..

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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