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Right-Wingers Predictably in Denial about NY-26

CNN's Erick Erickson (courtesy of Teh Sadly)

From the New York Times:

“I have almost always voted the party line,” said Gloria Bolender, a Republican from Clarence who is caring for her 80-year-old mother. “This is the second time in my life I’ve voted against my party.”

Pat Gillick, a Republican from East Amherst, who also cast a ballot for Ms. Hochul, said, “The privatization of Medicare scares me.”

But that’s no match for the eternal sunshine of the wingnut mind. No matter how real and humiliating the defeat for the GOP, it’s always a victory for conservatism.

Republicans suck in New York. Period. End of Story. […] To say that this special election defeat of the GOP is a repudiation of the GOP’s efforts on Medicare is laughable on its face.

(Remember, for Erickson, every time a Democrat wins a Republican seat in upstate New York, an angel gets its wings.)

Jennifer Rubin:

Democrats are high-fiving, certain that Medicare is now the killer issue for 2012 (and indifferent to the presence of a third-party candidate). I rather doubt it, and not because the New York state Republican party is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight

Count Chocola:

Political pundits will say that the Republican candidate for Congress in NY-26 lost because of Medicare. They’re wrong. This election was more of a referendum on a candidate’s ability to defend freedom than anything else.

See? A Democrat winning a rock-solid Republican seat that McCain carried easily in 2008 is excellent news for the Club for Growth.

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