MN Governor "Vetoes" Marriage Amendment

Governor Mark Dayton doesn't actually have the power to veto Minnesota's brand spanking new gay marriage ban Constitutional amendment. But he did it anyway. The legislature sent the question directly to voters, so the event was purely symbolic.

But he seemed to feel it was worthwhile to make a big media event and put on a big show of delivering his emblematic “veto.”


That's how you use a bully pulpit to affect change. Give that odious law a big, symbolic and very public thumpin' right out of the gate. After today, no Minnesotans will be confused about where their Governor stands on this issue. Thank you for using the power of your office, Governor Dayton, to stand up against bigotry. I'd say Dayton probably picked up a bunch of new enthusiastic volunteers for his next campaign.

More details at David Badash's blog, The New Civil Rights Movement:

The Governor called the proposed amendment “divisive and destructive,” and “un- Minnesotan and un- American.“

I'd say the fight to stop this amendment got off a rousing start.

Minnesotans United For All Families seems to be the up and running to fight this. Follow them on Twitter @MN4allfamilies. 

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