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Late Night: Join FDL as a Member, Dammit!

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Yes, it’s a pledge drive. But unlike the ones they do for NPR, it is a fucking pledge drive.

I’ve been writing for FDL for, let’s see… holy toboggans, in two days, it will be exactly four years precisely right square on the nose, exactly, to not be redundant. My bud Watertiger was on hols in Teh Antipodes, and (my best theory), in the throes of an utterly uncharacteristic cocaine & Froot Loops binge, when she suggested myself as her pinch hitter. I can only assume the magic breakfast cereal frosting was likewise on the menu in FDLHQ, because suddenly there I was, up on the front page.

From whence redoubt, of course, I decided to toss some hellacious f-bombs like they only cost fifty cents each, in a sincere attempt to piss off everybody and to point out, accurately, that John McCain is a worse shit than a crack dealer.

What I love about FDL is that FDL fights.

Back in the hideous days of the “runup” to the Iraq disaster, what drove me nuts was that the nation, my beloved America, was about to jump into a cesspit, and all that The Left was doing was cowering. The worst were full of passionate intensity, and the best were pretty much all useless douches. Often enough, they were on NPR…

FDL was not the first to fight back. But FDL has always fought back loud, proud, and strong, and has never backed down or eaten any of that apparently tasty, tasty insider Beltway Media or Dee Cee Institutional shit.

But you can’t really fight without ammo. And media-war ammo, unlike f-bombs, costs real money.

Please. Join FDL today. It’s affordable, and maybe you — we — can’t afford not to.

Want to count on the fucking Democrats to save Medicare without having to be shamed and yelled at?

That takes scratch.

If you don’t want to do it online, call: 202-709-7498.

Tell ’em Thers sent you.

Tell ’em fuck yeah, fuck the bastards, Thers sent you.


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