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Injustice At DOJ Shames Alberto Gonzales, Finally

AG of Injustice

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For those of us who watched in horror as the previous administration destroyed the government’s proper function as the servant of the people, this is much too late.  Still, that in deposition for trial concerning crimes he committed, that Alberto Gonzales sees the crimes he committed as wrong is a small good thing.

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has said for the first time that “I am disappointed that I didn’t do things differently” to stop the politicization of the system of hiring career Justice Department attorneys through its honors program during his time in office.

“Obviously everyone is smarter in hindsight. In hindsight you wish you would do some things differently and … I feel disappointment in myself,” Gonzales said, according to filings this week in a pending suit filed on behalf of applicants who were rejected for the program for political or ideological reasons. “I, the attorney general, am ultimately responsible,” Gonzales also said.


The suit as it now stands is based mainly on the Privacy Act, which bars the government from maintaining records about individuals’ exercise of First Amendment rights unless authorized by law.

It’s too late to deceive the rational any longer, but it seems that rejection by the voters can bring a little bit of reality into play for even the worst of the winger criminals.

The party of the right wing has moved from the Party of No, in opposing any and all Democratic proposals, to a party that fully embraces destroying public interests in service to corporate welfare.   With the Ryan plan for a totally evil budget, the right wing has emerged as the antithesis of democratic government.  From the effect on the public, it is  learning that at last voters are seeing the crimes it commits, giving them the name of ‘fiscal responsibility’.

Only by denying working people the right to their earned wages can the U.S. government take from citizens and give to the corporations and the very, very wealthy.   It is by taking from the wage earners that the right wants to finance its welfare system for the least needy.

With a Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations here and abroad to finance election ads, for awhile it seemed as if elections, and democracy itself, were a thing of the past.  Quite probably the excesses brought on by that ruling, a result of overconfidence that the public could be bought along with the right wing, have proved too much for an abused voter base.

The victory last night in New York’s 26th district is a beautiful event.   A constituency that had rolled over for wingnut propaganda for aeons finally stood up and declared itself worth representation, like the public it finally has joined.

The realization that we can vote in real government – of, by and for, us – worked out very well last night.   There are all too many places like Waukesha, Wisconsin, where winger officials have overcome democratic voting and must have our right to representation wrested out of criminal hands by legal means.  The bought and sold representatives of a criminal element, that uses government to steal from the public, should be rooted out from city hall to D.C., and this is a beginning.

The Attorney General who converted the Justice Department to commit crimes against the country is finally feeling shame for doing the crime.  Hopefully, the rest of his criminal cohorts will join him, and the democratic system will return to its purpose of serving, not robbing, the people of the U.S.


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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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