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Are Our Opponents Idiots?

Recent developments in Minnesota have caused me to think about something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while.  Are our opponents idiots?

Well, obviously yes, in so many ways.  But what I mean here is, do they think they can stem our tide?  Do they honestly think that ballot measures and legislated discrimination will forever enshrine their white bread vision of America in law?  Pshaw.

In fact the effort to deny LGBT Americans basic civil rights is a ridiculously expensive and ultimately futile effort.  I know, I know.  I mourn every loss, and may mourn one in Minnesota next year.  But every year, our cause advances.  We must fight against each bigoted attempt to impose majority prejudice on a minority.  Some battles we’ll win, some we’ll lose, but who can honestly say that we will not ultimately win the war?

Do our opponents believe that the inevitable march of demographic change will fail to bring electoral change?  Do they believe that one day we’ll just get tired of the fight and go away?  Do they think we’ll run out of money?  The United States is changing, and they’re not.

Today they have power. Tomorrow – or many tomorrows from now – they certainly will not.  For me this is ultimately about their selfishness.  In the face of inevitable change, they resist for base reasons while diverting critical resources to an ultimately losing fight that benefits no one and costs us all dearly.

So, clue to marriage opponents.  The Queers aren’t going anywhere.  We’re going to ride you every year until we get our due.  No matter how long it takes.

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