We Will Ignore Your Innumeracy In Exchange For Your Advocacy

Oh Jesus Fucking Christ will a fucked-up abacus…..

According to that guy who actually has a PhD. in economics:

Nation’s Lawmakers and Budget Experts to Convene at Fiscal Summit in Washington on May 25 to Discuss Elements of Potential Fiscal Bargain

Participants in Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s 2nd Annual Fiscal Summit to Include President Bill Clinton, Members of Congress, National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling, Governor Mitch Daniels, National Fiscal Commission Co-Chair Alan Simpson and Member David Cote, New York Times Columnist David Brooks and The Atlantic Business and Economics Editor Megan McArdle

McArdle will be presenting a paper: Fucking Decimal Points. How Do They Work? after which she and David Brooks will hit the salad bar at Applebee’s where McMegan will point out that, in her grandmother’s day, they had neither Applebee’s nor  salad nor bars.

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