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Water Cooler – Remember That Volcano In Iceland? It’s Still Erupting

This is what the first day of the Icelandic volcano called Grimsvotn looked like one year ago when it started to erupt.

It is astounding that this volcano could cause a summers worth of delays, but that if before you realize that it is still erupting and causing problems today. In fact the president had to leave Ireland early to avoid another massive cloud of volcanic ash which might have grounded his plane.
We humans like to think that we run this planet. For the most part that is true. We don’t have any serious competitors for the apex predator claim. We are so pervasive that other species actually treat us as an evolutionary hurdle to be passed.
But when it comes to things like the volcano’s and earth quakes we are shown to be little more than the rest of the animal kingdom. Able only to endure and wait out the ground shaking and ash and lava flows. Hoping they end soon and do not return for a long time.

So, keep in mind the fact that while we might be top dog in the animal kingdom, we fight in the ultra-feather weight league when it comes to planets.
So what is on your minds tonight Firedogs? The floor is yours!

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Bill Egnor

Bill Egnor

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