12 hours agao, Nate Silver tweeted on the current Craigslist ad (NYC) for primarying Obama with an NPA (New Progressive Alliance) candidate. — http://twitter.com/#!/fivethirtyeight

“This must be a first: group of anti-Obama Democrats soliciting a presidential primary challenger on craigslist. http://bit.ly/jzkrll”

(Here is a direct link to Democratic Candidate for President to replace Obama (USA))

(BTW, NPA isn’t just Democrats. Indeed, Democrats may be a minority, I don’t know.)

IMO, part of the lesson here is to think creatively, outside the box. OK, the use of craiglist for political candidates was pioneered previously, for a Utah House seat. However, it’s still a different enough approach that it makes sense to try, even as a democratic experiment.

Not only NPA, but any reform minded group, starting with relatively small numbers, should be thinking outside the box. I recently determined that FDL reaches only about 1 million Americans per year (ignoring Jane’s TV appearances). Is there a way to get FDL’s fact-checked diaries into the hands of more Americans?

Yes, I’m sure there is, but FDL would need to think more creatively about political message propagation, than building an ever improving blog. Clearly, FDL has given some thought to this (judging by their Member Benefits page), but I’m pretty sure that they could do much more.