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Minnesota: Ban on Same-Sex Marriage to Appear on 2012 Ballot

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In Minnesota, a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage is going to appear on the 2012 ballot, where it will likely become a big focus of activism this election on both sides. From Minnesota Public Radio:

A proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage is headed for the state’s 2012 general election ballot.

The Minnesota House voted 70-62 Saturday to put the measure before voters, ending several days of competing prayer and hope at the State Capitol.

Inside the House chamber, the debate was some was some of the most personal and wrenching in memory.

Measures banning marriage equality appeared on the ballot in several states in 2004 and were thought to modestly increase turnout among Christian Conservatives, helping the Republican Party.

It is unlikely to have the same impact in 2012 because, since 2004, there has been a huge swing in public support toward marriage equality. Gallup just this month found for the first time ever a majority of Americans in favor of the law recognizing same-sex marriage.

Given the clear trend toward greater acceptance and the huge age divide on the issue, this might be one of the last elections where conservatives think it is a good idea to put the issue before the voters.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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