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Sarah Palin’s Plan for Mideast Peace: Reading the Old Testament and “Defending Our Enemies in Israel”

Sarah Palin's radical plan to remake Israel.

It will be a shame if she doesn’t run for President, because no one tosses a word salad like The Quitter.

The former Alaska governor chastised President Obama for seeking a Middle East peace agreement at the expense of Israel’s territory.

Anyone who studies history, studies the old testament, studies geography understands that Israel now is surrounded by enemies at all times,” Palin said on Jeanine Pirro’s “Justice With Judge Jeanine.” “It should be now that America takes a stand in defending our enemies in Israel.

Whatever that means.

But if one does actually study history, one will find that the modern state of Israel is now occupying territory, which, during the time of the Old Testament, was held by the Philistines, Edomites and Phoenicians, among others.

In any event, the wisdom of using the Book of Exodus as a road map to peace in the Middle East seems highly dubious, at best.

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