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Please Light a Candle for Bev’s Mom

photo by Lydia ElleOur beloved Bev Wright lost her mom this morning. For years now Bev has been traveling back and forth from coast to coast to take care of her mom as her health declined. Her mom has been in hospice for some time now, and even though it meant tremendous hardship for Bev and her partner to be separated for months, Bev never left her mom’s side as the end drew near.

I remember how amazing this community was when my mom passed, and Kobe too. They really understand how to wrap their arms around you in a big, reassuring embrace, to catch you when you feel like you’re falling and reassure you that whatever you think you’ve lost, it isn’t really gone. They show you that your loved ones live on in your own heart, and that their love for you continues to radiate in the warmth and kindness of those who come together to let you know how much you mean to them.

Bev gives so much to all of us each and every day. Nobody knows the countless hours she puts into making sure that every author and every host who appears on the Book Salon has everything they need. All of them know that no matter what happens, Bev will be right there to make sure everything goes smoothly for them. By the time they appear on the Book Salon to chat with our community, they feel safe knowing she really cares about their experience here and wants them to do well.

I got a really nice call from Bill Moyers yesterday following his book salon. He just wanted to say what a wonderful experience it was. Even as her mom was in her final days, Bev had taken the time to walk him through the login process (as she does for every author), to make sure he was comfortable with the format so that everything would go smoothly. Even though I told her “Bev, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” she couldn’t help popping in on the thread just to make sure everything was okay.

Bev does the same thing for Bill Moyers that she does for the authors you’ve never heard of. That’s just the kind of person she is, and it demonstrates the caring service she delivers to the FDL community.

I love you Bev and my heart goes out to you. It meant the world to me to be there when my mom passed, to be able to cover her feet with warm blankets, hold her hand and stay by her side as she set off on her final journey. She was a tower of strength like nobody I’ve ever known, and it took me a long time to get over the shock, to be able to even conceive that it might be possible for a world to exist without her. The FDL community was there to catch me, and I hope we can be here for you, too.

So please light a candle for Bev’s mom today, to thank her for the wonderful daughter she raised and blessed us with. Send her your prayers for a safe journey, and let her know that we’ll be here for Bev the same way she is always here for all of us.

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