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Firedoglake; There IS a Difference Between Principles and Principals

Wisdom of the Ages Still Relevant

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You are reading Firedoglake because you want the facts, not the news according to corporate welfare promotion.

Sometimes the information you receive from the talk shows on Sunday mornings is riveting.   Today, I learned from Politico’s Jonathan Allen on Washington Journal that you readers/viewers need to let the editors there know what you want.   Then they will reflect back at you what you want to hear and read.

There really was a time when it was known as ‘news’ – that account that the media organs reported on their event roundup shows in the morning and evening.   In times when we are supposed to dictate to the media what we want to see/hear there, that is no longer the correct nomenclature.

The updated name for evening roundups of world events would more appropriately Daily Views than News, and “All the News That’s Left After Audience Polling” the better description than that old mantra; “All The News That’s Fit to Print.”

The right wing began back in the early days of television to try taking over content, since their actions were anathema to intelligent audiences.   When you are fighting against the public interest, what you are doing is not going to win votes.   These are simple principles, and the wingnuts couldn’t incorporate the direct relationship between doing the right thing and getting votes because it violated their basic beliefs.  Instead, they absorbed the need to cover up their acts and intentions instead.  That brought on an onslaught against ‘slanted’ news* that favored principles shared by all people of basic decency and good will, rights and freedoms the country was founded for.   The news the right sought favored the Principals, people lacking the decency and good will, who financed right wing organizations to fight against the public and its rights.

Politico presents itself as a news media.   It is not.   That its representative this morning announced it is waiting for you, the audience, to tell Politico what you want to hear is not even really correct.  This is a sham news presenter, set up to convince its audience that the Principals actually are Principles, but they are not.

Firedoglake takes the time and trouble to dig out the facts.   That serves your interest, as a member of the public.

Right wing founders are the problem.   Welcome to Firedoglake, where the principals are you, the public.


* Google ‘media bias’;  you will have to go back several page views to find even a mention of left wing interest.   The right is hard at work, as usual, covering up real information.

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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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