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Pepe Escobar On Obama’s Recent Messaging

Pepe Dissects N Translates Obama’s ME Speech.

A great read, worth reading twice and bookmarking. On Edit, I got the code to embed. Had to shift to html mode to make it work, DOH!

I read Pepe Escobar at either Anti War Dot Com (Raimondo’s place) or Asia Times Online Dot Com.

I read him always, and often more than once, because he’s that good with regards to foreign affairs, US foreign policy, and foreign policy of many other countries.

Both of those sites I mention above are full of writer after writer you’ll hardly ever see in the US MSM, or even on yer fav blogs.

Among them is one Tom Englehardt (TomDispatch) who now regularly posts into MyFDL, and if ya ain’t readin Tom, yer missin a lot of insight into worldly affairs.

But back to Pepe, and the title of this diary.

Essentially Mr. Escobar points out, points up and dissects and discusses just what it was Obama said and didn’t say.

1) USA/House Of Saud Uber Alles

2) It’s a myth USA supports Arab Spring.

3) Pepe lays out the reality of how Obama/House Of Saud are trying to Kill The Arab Spring, despite the HUGE jive and false meme being spread by MSM, blogs, and Obama himself.

It’s a fine read Pups, one I recommend heartily, if yer interested in ME affairs foreign affairs and the REAL USA foreign policy.

Oh, and I’d heartily all of you take a GREAT interest in Af/Pak post OBL, because there are more than a few great writers out there suggesting we are waging a means to get some control over Pakistan sans Prez. Sardari.

And woven into all of this, of course, is US commitment to House Of Saud for nuke technology, and our dealings with India and THEIR desire for regime change in Pakistan (not to mention get their property back and neutralize the Pak nukes).

Yer gonna need a LOT of popcorn n butter (I like to put minced garlic n Italian Herbs in my melting butter) before all this ME n Af/Pak foreign intrigue are done.

Oh, n cuz of something Mz. Marcy Wheeler wrote yesterday, I went grovelling to my Personal CFO, and she’s been kind enough to say we can cut loose $45 to join FDL despite our circumstances.

I gotta ask someone if I can get a two minute phone call with Mz. Hamsher N Mz Wheeler to close this deal, it would be the thrill of a proggy’s lifetime.

Rock on FDL/MyFDL!!!!!





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