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Want to Score Candidates in 2012 for FDL? Call Me Now!

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I’ve only been on the FDL front page sporadically for a while now, working behind the scenes on our membership program to prepare for FDL online organizing 2.0. We had our first member organizing call 2 weeks ago, and we’re moving forward with one of the best ideas that was offered — scorecards for candidates in 2012.

The idea was offered by the fabulous Kelly Canfield, who is going to be spearheading the effort. But what issues do we choose? What candidates do we apply them to? Do we use voting records, questionnaires, or a combination of both? How do we get them online, and how do we decide whether we’re going to “score” a vote or other action going forward?

The missing element is you. These are the things we need to be deciding as a community, so we need people to volunteer to work with Kelly and help find a way to make these decisions.  If you think FDL should be backing (or not backing) candidates in 2012 based on particular criteria, join now and work with Kelly and the rest of us to figure out how we set those standards, and apply them.

I’ve been told by members of Congress that scorecards are one of the most powerful tools an organization can have, but it takes a lot of work to make them comprehensive and effective.  Kelly has done a great job stepping forward and showing leadership on this issue, so join now and help him out!

I’m going to be calling new members today to thank them, and you can listen to me talking to them on the UStream above (won’t mention any personal info beyond first name). If you want to join the FDL membership program you can do it here, or you can call us at (202) 506-3907 and talk to me now.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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