Last Chance To Score Jeebus Points Before The Rapture

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As many of you might recall, and most probably have no idea, I will have been at this blogging thing for nine years this September which, in internet years, is …. nine years. When I started my daughter was just beginning middle school, Satchmo was still a youngster, and there was no Facebook or Twitter or internet porn. I’m just kidding about the porn, there was a buttload, in fact it’s why Al Gore invented the internet. But some of us were above all that (the porn) and instead we wrote about politics  which means that while we were above porn, we were still within spitting distance.

As I came up on my sixth year of blogging I was considering  doing a Billmon (who is the Barry Sanders of blogging) and just walking away to spend the rest of my days  in silent contemplation in between writing spec scripts for the adult movie industry (because, Jeebus knows, they love a good story). But then Jane came along and told me about her plans for the new improved FDL which would be home to original reporting, policy analysis and activism … none of which I would be doing. Instead they would build me my own little playroom on the side where I could be mean to people I will never meet as well as post basset pictures and videos of Shakira’s ass. How could I say no? I couldn’t.

Now it’s time to return the favor, and by “return the favor” I mean that I would like to ask you all pitch in to help keep FDL (and myself) on the intertubes for a good long time.  And even if that Rapture thing happens this weekend,  hey, it’s not like you can take it with you. So just click on the little “Become A Member” above.

Because Jeebus and Satchmo would want you to…

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