I was born in 1981. So everyday of my life my country has been a little worse than the day before. My father was born in 1959, and I want the country he was born into back.

It was a country where the government measured the economy by it’s citizens average incomes, not just the incomes of the top 1%.

It was a country where chipping in to help your country was seen as civic duty not a form of slavery.

It was a country where public schools were seen as vital to our democracy, and weren’t seen attack as a way to indoctrinate children with socialism.

It was a country where science was seen as the key to progress, and not a threat to our immortal souls.

It was a country where faith was a comfort, not a bludgeon.

It was a country where the educated (Einstein, Faulkner, even the mercury astronauts) were  respected, not seen as uppity for thinking book learnin matters.

It was a country that valued education so much that middle class parents could pay students college tuition out of pocket, and students didn’t have to pay on loans until they were 52.

It was a country where veterans assistance was seen as the least a grateful nation could do, not a way to punish taxpayers.

It was a country where if someone had said they were a true patriot because they want to do absolutely nothing to help anyone else, they would have been laughed at, not seen as a serious candidate for presi.

And, yes it was a country that tolerated racism, but the defenders of that outdated ideology were pariahs on the margins, not the leaders of a political party.

It was a country where our hope for the future of nation mattered more than our personal grievances.

That country was called the United States of America and I would like to know where it went.