Who needs friends, with enemies like these?

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As those of you who read this blog know, Firedoglake is not exactly loaded up with Barakophiles like certain creamsicle-hued blogs.  We’re progressives, which means the Obama White House is often a huge disappointment. That, I guess, beats tragedy, if not farce.

But whether we’re disappointed or not, there’s not a lot of incentive for the Obama Administration to change if the opposition pushes candidates that are cartoons.

In the last week, Trump ended his quadrennial ratings grab of a mock campaign after becoming a laughing stock, serving as the perfect foil to bury birthers. Mike Huckabee, most liked of a cast of universally repellant characters also bowed out. Now Gingrich is imploding as spectacularly as his past marriages.   The latter doing so, while forcing Republicans to defend the otherwise despised Paul Ryan medicare elimination plan.  Rick Santorum is not only “loathsome for the course”, but possibly the dumbest human being on Earth and that other habitable planet we might have discovered.

Obama may unilaterally negotiate to a maddening degree, but the GOP is suddenly self-triangulating to the point of suffocation in way a fundamentalist in a two-ply wetsuit could appreciate in his auto-erotic last moments.

And it only gets better as who is riding to the rescue but this guy!

John Bolton has his first New Hampshire trip as a potential presidential candidate on the calendar.

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