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Late Night: Wingnuts Totally Safe from Brain-Eating Zombies

Greater Wingnuttia is all screechy and shouty, which is not quite news, but it’s more than a little entertaining that the current reason they’re all screechy and shouty (aside from the fact that it’s Wednesday) is that Newt frickin’ Gingrich has been ruled insufficiently hardcore wingnut loony.

That’s almost as funny as the idea of Mitch Daniels as the Republican Savior, which in turn is not quite as funny as the ’08-vintage idea that Fred Thompson would ride to the GOP rescue, majestically bestriding his fart-powered Barcalounger.

But here at Late Night FDL it is our bounden duty to trawl the Wingnut Sea to depths left unexplored even by Fez-Boy.

So let’s talk zombies.

On Monday Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan put up a post at the Centers for Diseases Control about how to prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse. (It’s insanely slow-loading, FYI.)

The intent was obviously lighthearted, to get people to think about having emergency preparedness kits handy, and so forth. It was not meant to imply that the federal government is genuinely concerned about zombies.

Some bright young apparatchik at Fox picked up on the post, though, and it was like tossing actual brains to the shambolic brainless but brain-devouring hordes. Like the sad debris employed by Glenn Beck, presumably as some sort of jobs program for eternally hungry rotting husks of once-living men.

Sadly, this is no joke.  Here‘s a shot of the CDC’s zombie warning website, paid for with your taxpayer dollars.

We’re coming to get you Barbara. To tell you to lighten the fuck up.

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