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Israel Declares ‘War on Arab Lies’, Why Mitchell Resigned, And, More Details of ‘Cairo 2’ Leak Out

From Arutz Sheva…

War Declared on Arab Lies and Incitement

The Knesset’s Committee on Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs discussed on Tuesday the influence of the Palestinian Authority’s propaganda on the safety and security of Jews living in the Diaspora.

“The most important thing to learn about Palestinian ideology is that there are two different messages,” said PMW Director Itamar Marcus. “There’s an English language message that they want the English language world to hear and there’s the Arabic language message. When we talk about recognition of the State of Israel, when you look at the internal Arabic world, the Palestinian Authority Fatah under Mahmoud Abbas, does not recognize Israel’s right to exist.”

During the meeting, committee chairman MK Danny Danon (Likud) said that Jews in the United States and France are afraid to walk around university campuses because of Arab propaganda. Danon called on the Foreign and Public Relations Ministries to move to the defensive and launch an Israeli satellite channel which would broadcast in Arabic and in English. […]

…“We saw today in the committee that the Palestinian incitement crosses all borders. They’re using aggressive lies in order to fight Israel. We have to fight back and we’ve called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to start fighting.”

…“[I]t is sometimes more important to invest in Israeli PR than to invest in the Israeli army. We have to be very clear with the messages, and we’ve decided that we will start to fight back and the issues of Nakba and all the other lies should be answered immediately.

Ummm, what exactly is AIPAC then…? Chopped liver…?

More Israeli paranoia…

Netanyahu is preparing for battle

Netanyahu’s remarks are good for fans of nuance and iteration, but are meaningless on the ground.

…In the pivotal portion of his speech, Netanyahu referred to the Palestinian girl at the Nakba Day demonstration in Bil’in who held a large key. “Every Palestinian understands what key this is. It is not the key to their homes in Bil’in or Nablus or Ramallah, it is the key to our homes in Jaffa, Acre, Haifa and Ramle.” The message is clear: We are fighting for our homes. “They” want to get rid of us and establish Palestine on the ruins of Israel. Now is the time to dig in and and fight them…

Talking about an immediate Israeli response… Monday, the Grey Lady published an op-ed from Mahmoud Abbas, an opening salvo, if you will…

The Long Overdue Palestinian State

…Palestine’s admission to the United Nations would pave the way for the internationalization of the conflict as a legal matter, not only a political one. It would also pave the way for us to pursue claims against Israel at the United Nations, human rights treaty bodies and the International Court of Justice.

Our quest for recognition as a state should not be seen as a stunt; too many of our men and women have been lost for us to engage in such political theater. We go to the United Nations now to secure the right to live free in the remaining 22 percent of our historic homeland because we have been negotiating with the State of Israel for 20 years without coming any closer to realizing a state of our own. We cannot wait indefinitely while Israel continues to send more settlers to the occupied West Bank and denies Palestinians access to most of our land and holy places, particularly in Jerusalem. Neither political pressure nor promises of rewards by the United States have stopped Israel’s settlement program.

Negotiations remain our first option, but due to their failure we are now compelled to turn to the international community to assist us in preserving the opportunity for a peaceful and just end to the conflict. Palestinian national unity is a key step in this regard. Contrary to what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel asserts, and can be expected to repeat this week during his visit to Washington, the choice is not between Palestinian unity or peace with Israel; it is between a two-state solution or settlement-colonies.

Bibi quickly thundered back, Abbas is “blatantly distorting known historical facts”…

But, I digress…

Now, two very interesting pieces on Mitchell’s resignation caught my eye today…

The first from The Japan Times, gives some great background…

U.S. envoy gives up

…It is a dispiriting end to a remarkable political career, and a signal of just how intractable the problems of the Middle East. The violence that erupted Sunday at Israel’s borders is the counterpoint to Mr. Mitchell’s resignation: a reminder that failure to make progress means that more lives will be forfeit.

Mr. Mitchell was appointed by U.S. President Barack Obama in January 2009 on the second day of his administration, a signal of the priority afforded resolution of the Israel-Palestine problem, an assignment that Mr. Obama called “the toughest job imaginable.” Few negotiators were better suited to the task. […]

Yet even that skill set and list of accomplishments were not enough to break the impasse between Israelis and Palestinians. There was hope that Mr. Obama’s election would transform Middle East dynamics and that his administration would commit more resources to that intractable conflict. Neither proved true. Israelis looked at the new president with suspicion, and the promised diplomatic push never materialized.

Instead, whatever promise might have existed foundered on the intransigence that has blocked progress. By all accounts, the breaking point occurred last year when the United States could not persuade the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to freeze the construction of settlements on territories claimed by Palestine. Negotiations broke down and Mr. Mitchell lost patience. He has not visited the region since December.

Ma’an named names…

Arafat adviser: Mitchell resigned over deputy’s ‘bias’

…US Mideast peace envoy George Mitchell resigned because of the “extreme bias” of his deputy Dennis Ross.

Bassam Abu Shareef said Ross obstructed all US initiatives aiming to achieve progress in the peace process, and blamed the deputy’s bias for Mitchell’s resignation Saturday.

Abu Shareef said senior American officials informed him that Mitchell viewed the appointment of Ross a step to obstruct the peace process. He added that Mitchell believed Ross was working against US interests.

The official paraphrased comments he said were made by Mitchell during a meeting, where he asked: “How can Dennis Ross assist in the peace process when he refuses to meet with the Palestinians, when he despises their leadership and hates their president?”

Abu Shareef also said Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “rejects peace,” and would have no part of a Palestinian state with Hamas in its leadership.

Now, moving on to tomorrow’s Cairo 2 speech…

From Xinhua…

Israeli media reveals U.S. president’s forthcoming Mideast speech

…According to Yedioth Ahronoth, Obama will call on Israel to withdraw to the 1967 cease-fire lines with territorial adjustments that will be agreed on in the negotiations with the Palestinian National Authority. The president will label the West Bank settlements as “illegal” and emphasize that Israel must halt their construction.

Obama’s position on the settlement blocs, which Israel slates to remain under its sovereignty in any peace deal, is yet unclear.

The president is also expected to announce his solution regarding the status of Jerusalem and call for its division. The U. S. envisions the city as the shared capital of the two states, Israel and Palestine, side by side in peace.

Such a stand would essentially echo the so-called “Clinton Parameters” offered by then-president Bill Clinton in 2000, which called predominantly Arab neighborhoods to come under the Palestinian sovereignty while Jewish neighborhoods remaining within the Israeli territories.


…The issue of Jerusalem is also expected to be addressed in the speech, where Obama will declare that the US considers the city to be the capital of both states — Israel and Palestine — which live side by side in peace. It appears that Obama will endorse in his speech President Clinton’s statement that the division of Jerusalem will be according to the following criterion: the neighborhoods that are populated by Palestinians will be included in the Palestinian state, and those with a majority of Jews will be under Israeli sovereignty.

According to one source exposed to talks among Netanyahu’s advisors ahead of the premier’s Friday meeting with the US president, Obama will define as illegal the settlements built in the territories after 1967. It is as yet unknown what will be Obama’s policy on the settlement blocs; in his speech on Monday Netanyahu noted he would demand that they remain under Israeli sovereignty.

Amidror and Arad tried to convince their interlocutors, headed by National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, to change some of the planned formulations in the speech. The Israeli side claimed that Obama’s outline will not enable true negotiations, and is in essence an endorsement of the Arab approach. A senior US administration official told the Israelis that they have no reason to act like a “surprised virgin.” “You know the US administration’s position; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton already elaborated on the details of the Israeli-Palestinian agreement last October,” the senior official said. In addition, Obama’s advisors believe that no dramatic change will befall the special relations between Israel and the US, following the speech…

I’d be a ‘surprised virgin’ if Obama dared to tell the AIPAC attendees that those Settlements were ‘illegal’…! I’ll guarantee ya that they’ll ignore the memo then… AIPAC: Don’t boo Obama

I thought Col. Lang best summed it up…

Victory for the Ross/Natanyahu team.

…Mitchell never had a chance. Israeli tribalism condemned him from the start on the basis of his alien Lebanese blood. Obama’s political debts decided the rest of the story.

Dennis Ross negotiating with Bibi Natanyahu! LOL “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all.” pl

US hails Bahrain as model of reform!


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