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Good writers don’t borrow, they steal — and that’s what I’ve done with this post’s title. It’s a line from my friend Scarecrow, who so succinctly captured why joining FDL matters.

Aggressive independent journalism? You can find that at The Nation, Mother Jones, Truthdig, and a few other places — but it’s an endangered species. Hard-hitting commentary from the left? That’s easier to come by, but some do it better than others. Truly progressive political activism? Increasingly scarce in the age of Obama, but it’s still out there.

But only one place has all three. FDL.

We’re not Republicans, so we don’t get Koch money. We’re not corporatist Democrats, so we don’t get Wall Street money. And we don’t play nice, so we don’t endear ourselves to the same benefactors that fund organizations like CPAC.

We’re out here on our own. But our secret weapon is you.

Become a member of Firedoglake today to help us better wage this class war.

But if you want us to continue, you’ve got to step up and be counted. And that means becoming an FDL Member.

We’re not living in a prosperous age. People are hurting, jobs are scarce, medical bills are going through the roof and working people seem to constantly be on the razor’s edge between just getting by and total financial ruin.

This probably won’t change simply through contributing to another set of candidates that don’t stand up for progressive values. And just pulling the lever on the left come next election will most certainly not be enough. But there is something you can do–something we can do.

Will you stand up today?

Join FDL.

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