Thank you FDL and all the Koinu

This is just a very short post to tell you that my first day of work is in the bag. I think I got really lucky with this job. I’m not going to get rich doing it but it’s a steady gig with benefits and regular working hours, (in fact I’m going to start going a half hour earlier to beat the worst of the traffic). The people seem really great and though Kuroneko missed me on my first day, she’ll get used to me being gone again.

Anyway, this is to acknowledge and thank all of the firepups who helped both financially and with my state of mind. As everyone who has been unemployed knows, it is so discouraging that one’s self esteem really takes a hit and there were times when I had very little hope at all. Hopefully that’s behind me now and I just wanted to tell you all thank you and I will pay forward all of the help I received and then some.

Thank you again my wonderful friends.

Peggy H

UPDATE: I’d especially like to thank Jane for creating this site and the incredible patience she’s shown me. Most blogsite owners would have booted the reader for taking up so much bandwidth with what is essentially a personal problem, however relevant it is in the macrocosm of our world. Other people start blogs to put their opinions out there but Jane has created a community and made a difference. Thanks Jane and all of the authors whose threads I’ve interrupted or downright hijacked.

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