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Digital Martyrs

It would seem that the corporate left’s new plan is that the poor and disenfranchised people of the world offer themselves and their families up as martyrs for the TV cameras.  Hey guys, here’s the new plan; show up and allow the IDF, the Egyptian Snipers or the Bahrain police to shoot you in the head and if we are lucky there might be TV cameras their to record it.  Maybe  even paint bulls eyes on our foreheads?




This kind of reminds me of a hunger strike. Telling someone (who does not like you and has devalued your humanity) that you will not eat until they change their mind is not a reasonable strategy.  Four hundred plus people were shot (mostly in the head by  government snipers) during the Egyptian revolution yet they still remain under a military dictatorship. Asking other people to give up their lives so freely in order to win political battles seems too close martyrdom.


At some point we have to drop the  facade; most know that we are not over there to help these people, nor do we care how many of them are killed.  Hell, we ourselves have killed millions in the middle East.  Obama’s hit squad , Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) kill hundreds  people every  month without a trial.


You and I both know that we can never ask the other side what it would take to stop the killing.  If we do, the answer might be for us to leave!   We will never leave their land until very drop of oil is gone. This truth makes everything else said about the region a lie.


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