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Did I tell you the one about the radio show appearance & a trip to urgent care for a kidney stone?

The only reason I’m able to type this is an adequate dose of pain meds…lol

Heh. What a day. I wasn’t feeling well Monday night, with dullish pain in my lower left back. It felt vaguely familiar, so I just ignored it (I have a high pain tolerace). I went to work and felt like crap all day, having to limp/walk bent over till I left.

Don Lemon: “I wish everyone could feel what I feel”

I then sucked it up to do a segment on the Michelangelo Signorile Show to talk about Don Lemon‘s chat with him during the prior hour. I was on about 20 minutes and had a great discussion with Mike about the commonalities Don and I shared re: colorism, the black/gay phenomenon as well as the double minority status when among non-POC LGBTs. We also touched upon Don’s new status of role model (like it or not, if you’re on major media, it’s bestowed upon you in this age of celebrity), and why other closeted people in his industry choose not to come out.

Anyway, I’m sure Mike will have the interview up soon; Mike has the interview up; it’s well worth taking in; Don Lemon is very candid and his personal revelations have clearly lifted a burden off of his shoulders.


So the second half of the story – Kate gets home as I finished up with Mike and I’m having trouble getting up from the floor of our spare bedroom (I usually do the show in there, sitting cross-legged on the floor since it’s quiet). The pain was getting pretty excruciating (maybe a 7 out of 10). I (stupidly) have some chicken soup because I hadn’t eaten, and we went to urgent care.

After a not-too-long wait (45 min, which is an eternity as the kidney stone is scraping around), we went into the patient suite. The doctor, seeing my history of two prior kidney stone attacks and my description of my current pain, agrees with me that it’s likely another stone (there were some high up in the kidney after the last attack in 2008; one must have moved down). So no CT scan or X-Ray, no morphine, for crying out loud.

I left after receving a shot of Toradol in my bum (muscle relaxer), and an anti-nausea pill. We had to wait 20 minutes to see if there was pain reduction. Sadly, it didn’t do much of anything. So she wrote me a 12-pill script for Vicodin. Hopefully the stone will pass in a couple of days. The pain is always the worst just as it scrapes its way out, so I’m not looking forward to that. Until then, lots of clear fluids, lights out and fetal position for me.

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