This is my first ever attempt at blogging. I have been interested for a long time but I am now taking the plunge.

I believe that we’re on the edge of some very important times.  I ask myself and friends what do they anticipate for the near future.  Almost to a man and woman they say that they are afraid of what the future holds.  This could be job loss, college fees or it could mean the repossession of their homes.

If one asks younger members it is always about bullying, either in the home , at school or on the Internet.  The older youth worry about crime and being the victims of crime in their everyday coming and goings.  Far and away the members of society that fall victim to violent crime are teenagers.  Working class homes are the burglar’s choice yet neighborhood watch are far more successful in middle class areas.

People are noticing changes in the nature of authorities.  It’s not too difficult to see a connection with bullying, when  in the larger picture  one sees that we as a nation are bullying those that are weaker than us.  There is no end in sight of these wars which we are involve in.

When ever people congregate (for whatever reason or cause) it is taken for granted that there will be phalanxes of  riot police.  People know that any time that they march or demonstrate there will be instances of extreme violence.  They know that agent provocateurs are are present and that they are able to turn the atmosphere in demos from one of benign acquiescence to one of incendiary violence.  I remember football in the mid eighties, I remember the Miner’s Great Strike and we all saw events in Northern Ireland.

I am disabled and that means that I can no longer protest, I can no longer door step so my actions of protest are with the written word.  I read recently a fantastic book; Ted Rall’s  ‘The Anti-American Manifesto’,  and I appeal to the one person reading this blog to check it out on the web. As the title suggests it is an American’s view of troubled times ahead.  He quite rightly believes that we are witnessing new times and new problems. The book asks us that when the time comes, when we are so downtrodden and repressed will we act?

Rall’s builds a picture of society which consists of us and them. Them, the people who are corrupt, the people who possess all the means of production.  Us, the hard-working, members of unions, tax paying  people who live lives continually in debt. We pay our taxes and community charges so that the police can baton charge our youngsters.

Whenever young people achieve some forms of success they are vilified and told that they are feral, a term insinuating that they are little more than animals. ‘ Them’ the people who avoid taxes and avoid having their children join the armed services. Whereas ours sign on in an attempt at making a better life for themselves.

Let me take this opportunity to show just how we accept the worst ravages of the state.  Housing repossession and all that goes with it.

” Hullo mate, what’s the matter?”  “I’ve lost me house, the banks have taken it.”  “Why have the banks taken it?”   “Can’t pay my mortgage cos I’ve lost me job.”   “Why did you lose your job?”  “Well it’s all because of the banking collapse”  “Who’s taking your house away?”    “The banks!”  “The banks who caused this problem in the first place and you’re leaving???” No Compliance any more this is one attack too many.  Ask the farmers, they’ve known about this for years.

This all comes back to the little question.  Will you stand?  When they come for your house, when they take your job, when they cut benefits and close amenities, when the state decide that you are unfit parents and when our schools fall to pieces through neglect will you stand and say ‘No more, Enough’. It’s getting worse as each day passes. I hope that I will have the courage and moral fibre to stand.  Thank you for reading. Peace Wobbly585