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Time for a Reality Check …

1) Corporations are still considered “persons” under US law. Protest, petitions, and calling your Representative have done nothing to reverse this Supreme Court decision.

2) Millions of gallons of crude oil and toxic dispersant are STILL floating around in the Gulf and the Gulf Stream. These things do not magically disappear. The impact on the environment and on all living things will not be understood for decades.

3) Corporate Wall St. crime continues unabated, and the justice system is doing nothing about it. No justice is being served. At most, “settlements” are being reached behind closed doors with punitive damages being a small percentage of the billions of dollars stolen.

4) The President has ordered the assassination of a criminal, without due process, and it is still being cheered as a victory. This is rule by edict and represents the loss of rule by law. This is the end of America as we have known it, or at least as we have thought it to be.

5) The Fukishima Reactor continues to dump an  unprecedented, and unknown, amount of dangerous radiation into the air and into the Pacific Ocean. Radiation has been detected in rain and ground water and milk across the North American continent and Europe. No government or government agency is doing anything to stop it, or to make the public aware of the danger. You are in danger.

6) The US is now actively engaged in warfare on four fronts- that we are aware of- and the use of drones is increasing on a daily basis. We know for a fact, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the War in Iraq was based on outright lies to Congress and the American people.

7) Every day, we are killing innocent men, women and children in our ever expanding “War On Terror.” We are being told this keeping us safe at home.

8) There is undeniable proof that we now have a two-tiered economy; one that allows a handful of the richest of the rich to enjoy profit and bonuses of historic proportion while the numbers of poor, hungry, homeless and sick Americans grows on a daily basis.

This is the short list. There are many, many other problems we need to address, but we must not allow the distraction du jour to allow us to lose focus on these real issues that are disappearing in the smoke and mirrors of media distraction.

Apathy is no longer an excuse. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

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