I have not made up my mind except for two main points:

1) I will NOT stand with the Tea Party/Republican wackos. Any American who does not belong to the upper 10% who does vote for candidates from this group is either totally ignorant, or has a wish to totally destroy what shreds of a democracy we have left.

2) I will not stand with the current Wall Street corporate centrist/blue dog Democratic coalition that has control of the Democratic Party.  They are not the majority but they control the party machinery. The perfect analogy in comparing them to the Tea Party/Republican wakcos is that the wackos will take the entire cake while the do-gooding Corporate Centrist Democrats will toss the majority a few crumbs–but always with a string firmly attached.  They don’t even hand out crumbs any more without taking a few nibbles out beforehand. [As for Blue Dogs like Ben Nelson of Nebraska–they are Republicans as far as I’m concerned.]



#1 Join up with the PDA. The Progressive Democrats are a faction of the Democratic party.  They may as well be a separate party when considering the differences in the platforms they advocate.  From all appearances it looks as if the PDA may be pulling away from the Democratic Party.  For example, instead of supporting the Democratic candidate in a New York race, they are supporting Ian Murphy–the Green candidate and the fellow who called up Gov Scott Walker pretending to be David Koch.  I have to see how things progress with the PDA before deciding.

#2 Green Party – The Green Party has more support this year than it ever has. I am more than confident that they will win several House Seats this year.

#3 Labor Party – The Labor Party is another good option.  Like the Green Party, they too are building a strong coalition.  If the labor unions get behind their movement, the Labor Party, like the Green Party, is sure to capture a few Congressional seats as well.

#4 Independents – Of course there is always this group as well.  The finest Senator we have is an Independent–Bernie Sanders.  He stands up for the people every time.  He better represents the majority of the American people than any other Congress person in the Senate or the House.

By the way:  just in case you may be wondering, Bernie is no millionaire.


Liz Berry

Liz Berry