'The Homosexual Agenda and the US Military': batsh*t rant by former Navy SEAL & member of MENSA

Yet here is the US military, a mainstay of American society, openly embracing the homosexual lifestyle. And lest you think that polymorphous perversity is hip, slick, and cool beyond words, permit me point out that psychopaths are often polymorphously perverse. Also, like many homosexuals, psychopaths often indulge in anal intercourse (as do many Muslim men with their wife, or wives-more about that shortly).

Jim O’Neill, in his embarrassing essay, “The Homosexual Agenda and the US Military“.

If you’re going to puff up your chest and share your credentials as a Navy SEAL and “genius” status as a member of MENSA, one would think that you’d not type out sad, paranoid, and homo-obsessive sh*te like this. Jim O’Neill’s essay is worthy of parody, but he’s dead serious when he belches out pearls of wisdom like this to define the boundaries of gay/straight and good gay vs. bad gay (note my emphasis):

It is good to keep in mind that there is a vast difference between having had a homosexual experience, and being an active homosexual. For example, you can hardly fault the victim of prison rape, or child molestation for having had homosexual encounters.

…Similarly, those who have had homosexual experiences because of ignorance or curiosity, and then changed their ways (which is the meaning of the word “repent”) are worthy of understanding and support-as are those who are sincerely trying to change their ways. In addition, I should mention that I strongly condemn any violence directed toward homosexuals, simply because they are homosexual.

That being said, I am vehemently opposed to the gay agenda of promoting polymorphous perversity, pederasty, and gay marriage. I am totally and deeply against the queering of the US military, and I am way past being sick and tired of the pro-homosexual, anti-Christian slant expressed in the various “news” venues.

The proud winner of “First Place” in the “Carol Burnett/University of Hawaii AEJMC Research in Journalism Ethics Award” in journalism school, continues, apparently spewing long-decried, non-reality-based assertions about gays and children, and “the parts need to fit” laughable argument:

Homosexuality is opposed to natural law, the way things are intended to be. If the idea of males and females being made for each other seems befuddling; I suggest that you go grab yourself a nut and bolt and play with them for awhile-perhaps a light will dawn for you, perhaps not. The United States of America was founded on the principles of “the laws of nature and of nature’s God,” and that is the nation I fight to defend-and no other. Link                

Homosexuals generally have little or no interest in children (aside from those who regard them as sexual toys), and therefore are naturally aligned with the Far Left’s death cult. Their narcissistic lack of concern for future generations is evidenced by the economic suicide run America is currently on. Link    

I mean how can you turn opposition to gays serving openly into, for all intents and purposes, as an act of slo-mo terrorism, and yes, he brings up Nazis for good measure:

I realize that the PC police will not permit us to admit that the US is at war with radical Islam, but does opening the gates of our military to homosexuals, while we are in a de facto war with an enemy rife with closet queers, seem like a smart move to you?

..I’m not opposed to gays in the military because I think that they lack machismo (if you are under the delusion that all gays are effeminate, think again)-after all, the ranks of Hitler’s brown-shirted thugs were riddled with homosexuals. On the “Night of the Long Knives,” Hitler had homosexual Ernest Rv?hm, head of the brown shirt SA (Sturmabteilung-storm troopers), and a number of his aides murdered by the SS (SchutzStaffel-Protective Echelon). Typical Far Left back stabbing.

You can surf over and read the rest. The level of tin foil hat conspiracy in this screed is comedic.

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