NOTE:  The Green Party is picking up steam internationally.  On May 2, Elizabeth May became the first Green elected to Canadian Parliament.  Earlier in the spring two German states elected Green candidates.

Even the Red state of Texas turned a few shades greener in November of 2010.

A visitor commented to my website in regard to third parties that “three is a crowd.”  My response was:  ”Two is an exclusive pair and that is exactly the problem with American politics today.  Let’s change that by adding a real choice for the majority.”


FOR YOU TEXANS, Nov. 2 Election Landed Greens on Ballot for 2012.  Start exploring now for the possibility to run on the Green ticket in Texas

In his race for Comptroller of Public Accounts, Ed Lindsay received more than 6% of the votes. While our intent was to have Lindsay win the race and take over as State Comptroller, we are delighted with a result that allows the Green Party to stay on the ballot for the upcoming elections in 2012.

Since we know that we will be on the ballot, we have the opportunity to recruit qualified candidates for a variety of races. The Green Party hopes to offer a true alternative to the standard corporate parties across the board on Election Day, 2012.

In fact, YOU may be one of those qualified candidates. Please contact the Green Party for Texas at and let them know of your plans. It’s not too soon to start planning for an effective grassroots campaign.

In other races, Green candidates results ranged from 18% to less than 1%. Many of these candidates were running for the first time, and while they may not have won their races, they gained practical experience in organizing a campaign, dealing with the media, and honing their messages. Texas needs experienced candidates with an unapologetically progressive message, and the GP is proud to offer a spot on the ballot for those progressive candidates

The Green Party works for true opportunity for a secure life for all. True security includes a living wage, exceptional and accessible public education (K-12 and college), medical care for all from private providers paid by a single payer (no for-profit insurance companies involved), a fair and non-violent relationship with other nations around the world, the end to a “war” on drugs that has incarcerated a significant percentage of our people for non-violent offenses, the end to the death penalty, and a long-term view of how to keep our world inhabitable with clean air and clean water across the globe.


Liz Berry

Liz Berry