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The New Progressive Alliance is looking for a few good rebels.

You’d be good at one of these things, and maybe more.

– Promotion (5 or more) Writers with the ability to write one post, letter to the editor, etc., weekly about the NPA, and stick around to comment on them, at blogs serving the various constituencies of the coalition we are trying to build (disaffected Democrats, Independents, rank-and-file workers, Greens, Socialists, Libertarians, non-voters)

– Organizational Outreach (3-5 people) People interested in researching and contacting Progressive organizations for possible involvement and affiliation with the NPA.

– State Outreach (6 people) This involves building our on-the-ground presence in each state. I’d suggest the six people who work on this divide the country into six regions and take one each. The job is to network with people you know and people they know to identify and recruit State Founders for the NPA in every state in the nation.

– Administration (all we can get!) This can be anything from personally getting back to new members and donors to thank them for their support (and to recruit them as volunteers), to ensuring new members receive their membership premium items, to stuffing envelopes, to coordinating travel. In short: Everything else.

– Platform (2 at first; 5 or 6 within two weeks) The two initial volunteers will need strong research skills; the eventual 5 or 6 will need strong writing and Progressive policy knowledge in order to draft position papers on each of the approximately 10 platform points the two initial researchers identify.

We’ve established an initial base of volunteer coordination here:

Please stop by and say hello. We’d love to have you over even if you’re not up for volunteering currently. Ideas are contributions too.

(You might also be interested in, to simply find out more about NPA’s mission and values, or to contribute through membership as well.)

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